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Trade Flows are updates and analyses of, or commentaries on, legislation, regulatory policy, and legal and political developments affecting international trade written by attorneys as well as trade consultants and government relations professionals at Stewart and Stewart. Readers can link to the writers' biography pages to learn more about them.

Although we hope readers will find Trade Flows, like other material on this web site, informative and interesting, it is important that readers not act on any information contained in this site without first consulting counsel. Each legal matter requires individualized attention, and decisions should not be made solely on the basis of Trade Flows, or other information on this site. Posting articles on our webpage does not constitute the provision of a legal opinion, and nothing on the webpage should be viewed as establishing an attorney-client relationship. Such a relationship requires a review of possible conflicts by the firm; accordingly, no information should be forwarded to the firm that a company or individual would deem to be confidential unless and until agreement has been reached to undertake a representative relationship.

In Trade Flows, we attempt to provide information that is current and topical. However, regulations, administrative actions, and the law are subject to frequent change. We cannot guarantee that information in Trade Flows will always be up-to-date or complete.

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